If you've found this page, it is a testimony
to search engines and you having too
much time on your hands!
The Lost Dog Woody band represented on
these pages has not existed since 1999 and
this site is just being maintained for historical
purposes. However, the nucleus of LDW
can still be found playing out from time
to time, so keep an eye out for them as no
doubt the same old chemistry is still there.
The Best "So-So" Band in the Hudson Valley!

Welcome to the Lost Dog Woody home page. There are a lot of just "so-so" bands out there in the Hudson Valley, but we're the best of them. Maybe we're a little better even (the best so-so band in NY?). We don't care so long as we and the audience are all having fun. We do mostly covers, but we're very selective about what we do and if it doesn't have a good groove, vocal harmonies, and challenging instrumentation, we probably won't play it. We're into upbeat music with an edge. We cover some well known tunes, but we prefer those tunes not so exposed and specialize in finding great overlooked songs by known and some not so well-known artists. You've probably heard of The Band, Dave Matthews, Steely Dan-- we do tunes by them. But have you ever heard of Danny Gatton or NRBQ? If not, you've been missing out. Check us out sometime and see if you agree.

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